efargo up to 3rd place in $5,000,000 Energy prize and $3,207,242 saved already

WHOOP! WHOOP!! Our efargo team has just moved into 3rd place in the $5,000,000 Georgetown University Energy Challenge!!

Working with Xcel Energy and Cass County Electric, we’ve established the baseline of energy used in 2013 and 2014 for residential and municipal electricity. During this energy efficiency contest our residents and city buildings have used less energy and reduced CO2 substantially:

Here are the measures to date:
Amount of total savings: $3,207,242

CO2: reduced by 32,348,877 tons or 14,704,035 kg

Kilowatt hours: reduced by 41,274,513
What is a Kilowatt Hour? Electricity is measured in kilowatt‐hours (kWh). One kWh of energy is equal to 1000 watt hours and will power a 100 watt light bulb for 10 hours (100 watts x 10 hours = 1,000 watt‐hours = 1 kWh).  See a chart for various items around the house here

See rankings here

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Thanks to those of you that are helping reduce your energy use and working to defeat the diabolical Waste a Watt. If you’re not, learn how at:

efargo logowaste a watt

On Leap Day, Malini with our efargo team and Mayor Mahoney held a well attended press conference and presented a status report to the Fargo City Commission to help Fargo leap into the efargo energy efficiency era. Let’s keep looking for ways to share the efargo tools and game to keep moving on up!


Thanks and way to go efargo! We’ve got Aspen Colorado and Huntsville Alabama in our sights. With your help, number one here we come!

Fargo can win $5 million and we've already saved over $3 million

eFargo’s moving on up!
We’re in the hunt for the $5 million Energy Challenge competing with 60 quarter finalist cities across the country.
Fargo’s the spotlight community on the Georgetown University Energy Challengeefargo logo

Thanks to Malini Srivistava and all of our efargo team and great community partners for a tremendous amount of innovative work and collaboration. After three quarters, out of 60 cities, we’ve moved up from 5th to 4th place and our most innovative and replicable strategies are ready to launch with a kick off leaping into Fargo’s new energy age on Febuary 29th!

What do these cool peer cities have in common?
South Burlington VT,
Madison WI,
Berkeley CA,
Bellevue WA,
Fort Collins CO,
Montpelier VT
Answer: eFargo’s ahead of them in the $5 million Georgetown University Energy Challenge!
We’ve moved up to 4th place of 60 quarterfinal cities. Help us kick into another gear to pass Holland Mi, Aspen CO, and Huntville Al.

See efargo’s rank and peer cities

Thanks so much to our power providers Xcel Energy and Cass County Electric for working so closely to establish the energy baselines and ways to measure our efficiency progress. We would not be in this fantastic position without their wonderful collaboration and help.

Stay tuned for the official kick-off for the exciting new ways you can save energy and cash and help us advance to the finals for the $5 million Georgetown University Energy Challenge.

We’ll ask key partners (NDSU, Xcel, Cass County, Fargo-West Fargo Schools, Habitat for Humanity) to share their perspectives and continued efforts to reach our goals and advance to the final competition for the top spot and $5 million prize.

Details are being determined, but we’ll announce the current standings and millions in energy savings along with tons of emissions savings and the official launch of the efargo game to defeat the dread Waste a Watt.  waste a watt

The efargo billboards are up, and watch for more efargo opportunities popping up around town.

 Thanks for all your help as we kick it up another notch as we leap into the new efargo energy age!  Here’s the efargo top 10 energy savings tips to get in on the fun and savings.

Fargo's green showcase Wednesday

You’re invited to our Fargo Renewable Energy and Conservation showcase in the Fargo Commission chambers at Fargo City Hall.

Please join us to learn about and celebrate some of Fargo’s more innovative conservation projects that save and pay while protecting our environment.   The event begins at 1:15 Wednesday Sept 11th. 

Program:  10 minute presentations from six conservation leaders in our community. The event will be broadcast live on Fargo Cable Access 12.

  • 1:15 Welcome: Fargo Commissioner Mike Williams will give 5 minutes of highlights on Fargo’s Renewable Energy Committee and introduce the presenters
  • Carmen Miller of the PEW Research Foundation will give an update on our country’s status for renewable energy development and use in the world
  • Dr. John Bagu NDSU professor in Electrical Engineering. He’ll share what he’s learned having installed solar panels on his house in Fargo for his primary energy this past year
  • Michael Burns Architect and entrepreneur will show some of the innovative, architectual interesting, and energy efficient, renovated buildings he’s been a part of such as Renaissance Hall first LEEDs certified building in Fargo.
  • Gregg Schildberg and Kevin Trana of FM Matbus will explain how they’ve helped generate interest and engage people to use our growing transit system. The ridership has increased from 800,000 annual riders in 2004 to now over 2.1 million
  • Malini Srivistav NDSU Adjunct Architecture professor speaks about how she and her students designed and built an award winning Passive House using many recycled and repurposed materials
  • Brian Reinarts Landscape Architect and project designer at Land Elements will give us background on the green roof projects they designed in Fargo at the Hotel Donaldson and 102 on Broadway (Former Straus building)

 Presentations will end at 2:30 and there will be 20 minutes for questions to any of the presenters.

Thank you and hope to see you there. Please forward this invitation to friends that may be interested.