Put Politics Aside and Use the Facts to Improve US Healthcare

Regarding the upcoming Senate vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act that has helped millions more Americans obtain health coverage regardless of preexisting conditions. Our country is at a competitive economic and social disadvantage with our failing market based, reactive health care system. Senator John Hoeven, Senator Heidi Heitkamp, Congressman Kevin Cramer, and Governor Doug Burgum (I know you […]

Give ND a Boost With Electric Charges

ND produces a lot of oil and electricity. We pump the oil, export it to refining states (along with a lot of the profits) then import it back as gasoline and products. The going rate for a gallon of gas here is $2.20 today. The gallon equivalent cost of .75 cents for charging an electric […]

ND Mercurial Economy Needs a Sustainable Boost

Just a few years ago North Dakota had one of the fastest growing economies in the country. Today we have the slowest according to this report in 24/7 Wall Street. Overdependence on traditional energy sources and industries contributed to this first to worst scenario. It’s why it’s so important to diversify our energy portfolio in […]

Wait for SCOTUS Vote Until Trump/Russian Investigation Concludes

Approving a Supreme Court Justice is one of the most important responsibilities a President has. North Dakota’s Senators Hoeven and Heitkamp and Congressman Cramer have all stated they will approve Mr. Gorsuch to the Supreme Court of the United States. Regardless of Mr. Gorsuch’s qualifications, I do not believe it is in the best interest […]

Irish Prime Minister’s Speech Fantastic Reason to Celebrate St. Patrick

Prime Minister of Ireland Enda Kenny at the White House gives us some of the best reasons to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day here, and serves as a eloquent reminder America is at our best when we are a welcoming country that values immigrants and refugees. Thanks to Vox and writer German R Lopez for the […]