After two-year break, Williams will run again for Fargo City Commission

Mike Williams served three straight terms on the Fargo City Commission, and in June he hopes to be elected to his fourth after a two-year hiatus. Williams has declared his candidacy for the commission spot to be determined in the June 2018 city election. “I’d like to build on some of the good work that […]

Oil and Coal Subsidies/incentives Are Baked Into Pseudo US Energy “Market”

A recent blog featured in the Forum Opinions page erroneously stated the Production Tax Credit for wind energy is (as he states it in the article) a “Completely perverse 23 cents kwh”.  This is simply not true, the PTC before 12-31-16 was 0.023 or 2.3 cents/kwh and now it’s 0.0184 or 1.8 cents/kwh. Here is […]

We New Arrivals in Fargo Honor Indigenous People’s Day

Love this day to honor the people and cultures that lived here thousands of years before we immigrants moved here. Proud that Fargo is a city that celebrates Indigenous Peoples Day thanks to wonderful community work by our Native American Commission. Time magazines list left us and some other cities off their list today.  People around […]

GM Announces the Future Is All Electric, Let’s Ride the Wave!

Way to be data driven and embrace technology GM! I didn’t know that GM sold more vehicles in China 3.6 million (many electric two seaters) compared to 3 million vehicles in the US. They’re joining a growing list of manufacturers around the world going electric and also working on self driving cars. We can prepare and […]

ND Protecting Status Quo on Energy Limits Our States Energy Potential

ND is falling behind in some important categories while state leaders are spending money protecting the status quo in energy and oil profits for out of state companies. Recently ND has ranked well for national rankings. Here’s a Commerce Dept post featuring one of these as 8th best state for business from last year. If we’re going […]