After two-year break, Williams will run again for Fargo City Commission

Mike Williams served three straight terms on the Fargo City Commission, and in June he hopes to be elected to his fourth after a two-year hiatus.

Williams has declared his candidacy for the commission spot to be determined in the June 2018 city election.

“I’d like to build on some of the good work that happened over my 12 years on the commission,” Williams said Wednesday, Nov. 22.

City law allows a maximum of three consecutive terms on the commission. After the two-year break, Williams will be eligible to run again.

When wrapping up his third stint in June 2016, Williams indicated he wasn’t done with his days of advocacy, saying another run was “a good possibility.”

Williams said he wants to focus on water management, and not just flood protection, but water supply and conservation.

Affordable housing would be another area of concentration.

“The starting point is people’s well-being — being able to afford to live in a quality place,” he said.

Williams expects there will be a good slate of candidates.

“Sometimes as many as 11 people have run. That’s good. It shows a lot of interest,” Williams said.

The terms of Commissioners Tony Gehrig and Dave Piepkorn are up next June, as is the term of Mayor Tim Mahoney, who announced in September he plans to run for re-election.