Gold Star marching band coming back to Broadway

After so many years away, it’s exciting to see the NDSU Homecoming Parade coming back downtown! The Friday night Homecoming Parade is October 11th.
It’ll be a thrill to once again see all the floats and pageantry and hear the deep bass of the drums thumping blocks away, the sharp, crisp, rat a tat tat of the snares, and the definitive Sousa sound from the tubas fill the crowd with joy and anticipation with each step as the Gold Star Marching Band approaches.

Can hardly wait and thanks to Dean Bresciani and Mike Hahn and his team at the Downtown Community Partnership and all involved for bringing the NDSU Homecoming Parade back downtown!  GO BISON!!I’m going to try to get them to invite all the fun Bison tailgating vehicles to join in the Parade! What a hoot!! Go BISON!!!

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