GO2030 speaker forum presents Rick Harrison on designing "Prefurbia"

‎”The built environment is the product of our imagination and our work, and it is where we spend nearly all of our time, yet it is also the source of many chronic diseases and natural resource challenges we face.” is a quote from this interesting article from UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability.
If this article interests you, here’s a great opportunity to learn more about healthy community and urban design at  www.go2030.net speakers forum tomorrow night.
Tuesday night 7 p.m. at the Fargo Commission Room, urban designer Rick Harrison will give a presentation on “Prefurbia” his term for building more healthy, attractive, efficient, and fun communities.
Speaker Bio:
Rick Harrison, author of Prefurbia and creator of Coving, is president of Rick Harrison Site Design Studio, which offers cutting-edge design solutions that enhance quality of life with the beauty of the natural environment.
Title of Lecture:
“The Performance Planning Systems deliver added value by sustainable design for all stakeholders in the development of land.”
Lecture Summary:
Prefurbia Workshop:  A collection of innovations in design and technology specific to sustianable development that provides a ‘preferred’ standard of living for both urban and suburban dwellers.  Prefurbia – this 90 minute workshop will teach solutions for developers, builders, consultants, regulators, and municipal staff on how to build developments that are both environmentally and economically superior to conventional methods.  Prefurbia also includes new ways to regulate that encourage better development and higher quality housing.
Hope to see you there!  You can submit your ideas for Fargo’s future and see what others are sharing at:  http://www.go2030townhall.com/

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