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Mike Williams for 

Fargo City Commission

"Let's put families first"


Our area is doing better than much of the country because our families, friends, and neighbors understand the power of cooperation. 

We all do better when we all do better!

I am honored to serve as a Fargo Commissioner in a thoughtful, respectful, and effective manner.  With your help, I will continue to work to improve our resilient and vibrant community even more.

My philosophy is to listen carefully, treat all people with courtesy and respect, and the best ideas win!

I'll continue to work to make Fargo and North Dakota a more affordable, family friendly community where people come to live, work, learn, and play. 

My highest priorities line up with what we heard from thousands in our community as listed in the Fargo GO 2030 comprehensive planning Key Initiatives.

  • Develop more comprehensive water management for Fargo and the Red River Basin to protect property through diversion, retention, temporary storage, and mitigation while conserving our precious resource of water


  • Strong neighborhoods, good design, good land use, and complete streets for all modes of transportation are all vital to a more efficient and attractive community


  • Focus resources on healthy community, public safety, and infrastructure that weaves art into the fabric of our city as we grow


  • Develop more diverse home grown energy in a efficient, clean, and sustainable manner


  • Continue to enhance energy efficiency in  Fargo's public buildings
  • Leading the way with a cleaner, greener Fargo proving conservation saves and pays


Fargo and North Dakota are currently in a strong financial situation, but we have important decisions on how to best invest our public resources towards the highest priorities and the most public good. 

We can grow Fargo and North Dakota by protecting our public and private property and working towards more efficient use of current public assets, infrastructure and buildings, and work to encourage more development of property in our current footprint before expanding our boundaries prematurely .







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